Vision and Aspirations

Vision and Aspirations

The Vision, Aspirational Goals and Action Areas form the Strategic Framework of the Strategy.

The Vision describes the ultimate goal for natural resource management in the Swan Region. The eight Aspirational Goals describe what success looks like and the four Action Areas define what needs to happen. The Strategic Framework is focused on the achievement of outcomes for the environment and the broader community.


The natural resources of the Swan Region are protected and managed sustainably in their own right and for the enhancement of the quality of life for present and future generations.

Aspirational Goals

Outlined below are the Strategy’s eight Aspirational Goals for the sustainable management of the Region’s natural resources. These originated from the 2004 Strategy and have been refined and expanded through further consultation.

Perth is an eco-city where natural assets are valued and used sustainably.

Land use and development is sustainable and appropriate to land capability and suitability.

Water quality (marine and freshwater) is maintained and water resources are used sustainably.

Biodiversity and ecosystem function is protected, managed and restored.

Air is healthy for the community and the environment.

Aboriginal cultural heritage values are integral to the way we view and manage the environment.

Residents and visitors value and enjoy access to high quality natural areas.

Climate change is addressed to ensure the Swan Region remains liveable and resilient.

Action Areas and Strategic Objectives

Each of the four Action Areas provides a focal point for organisations to align their skills, knowledge and expertise and form new partnerships. The Strategic Objectives defined under each Action Area describe what is needed to achieve effective natural resource management.

Leadership, Coordination and Governance

Asset Protection and Sustainable Use

Awareness, Participation and Capacity Building

Knowledge, Research and Adaptive Management