Asset Protection and Sustainable Use

Asset Protection and Sustainable Use

The Swan Region has a wealth of natural assets that make up our unique identity and sense of place, and provide us with the resources we need to live and prosper.  Natural assets can be managed for their intrinsic value, their value to society and their contribution to the economy. Whether natural assets are protected within the conservation reserve or used sustainably for farming, forestry or fisheries, natural assets require active management and stewardship. Asset protection and sustainable use is about ensuring our current management practices do not jeopardise the ability of future generations to enjoy and benefit from the Region’s natural assets.

Strategic Objectives

2.1  Priority natural and cultural heritage assets are protected, managed and restored within a landscape system

2.2  Current and emerging drivers, risks and threats are identified and managed

2.3  Compliance with regulations and approvals is monitored and enforced

2.4  Businesses and organisations are actively managing their environmental impact

2.5  Perth is an eco-city where natural resources are used and managed sustainably

Volunteers help to ensure that a local creek remains clean and ecologically healthy.