Awareness, Participation and Capacity Building

Awareness, Participation and Capacity Building

The decisions we make at home, at work and for recreation, especially where natural resources are consumed have far reaching consequences for our natural environment. It is important to reveal the consequences of our actions and increase the options available to individuals and organisations to make environmentally-friendly choices. To be effective, actions to manage resources sustainably need to be adopted across the broader community. The task is greater than any one agency or organisation can deliver. As the custodians of our natural assets, we are responsible for their protection and management.

Building awareness, understanding and capacity acknowledges the central role of people in effective natural resource management. By working together towards the same sustainable goals, our actions can change our unsustainable trajectory. From early learning centres through to large corporations, an eco-city approach calls on all sectors and walks of life to take up the challenge of reducing our ecological footprint and design a cleaner, greener future for Perth.

Strategic Objectives

3.1 The broader community is aware and actively participating in natural resource management

3.2 Environmental community groups and not for profit organisations are delivering positive environmental outcomes for the Region

3.3 The Aboriginal community is actively involved in managing natural assets

3.4 Local governments are community leaders in natural resource management

3.5 Business, industry and government organisations are applying sustainable practices

3.6 Landholders and managers are environmental stewards

3.8 Natural resource management successes are recognised and celebrated

School students are inspired by meaningful projects were they can contribute to the future of the planet.