Leadership, Coordination and Governance

Leadership, Coordination and Governance

Leadership, coordination and governance are fundamental to effective natural resource management. Sustainability of the environment, economy and our society are dependent upon our ability to manage competing priorities and take a holistic and integrated approach to managing our natural resources. To achieve this holistic approach, a high level of coordination and collaboration is needed, guided by leadership at all levels of government, community and industry. By working together to develop shared future directions and priorities for natural resource management in the Region, resources can be leveraged, maximising returns for the environment and the community.

Leadership already exists in the government, business and industry, and community sectors. There is an opportunity to bring key leaders together to build a collective vision for integrated natural resource management and the actions needed to deliver on that vision. In a time of rapid growth and development and changing climate, transformational leadership is needed to advocate for change and a new way forward that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.  The successful implementation of this Strategy requires partnerships between government, community, business and industry, and recognition that we all have a part to play in achieving the long term vision.

Strategic Objectives

1.1 Key stakeholders are working towards agreed environmental priorities and outcomes for the Region

1.2 Key stakeholders are working collaboratively to protect and manage the natural assets of the Swan Region

1.3 The protection and management of natural assets is accounted for in everyday financial decisions and adequately resourced

1.4 The protection and management of the Region’s natural assets is adequately resourced

1.5 Legislation, policies and standards enable the effective protection and management of natural resources

1.6 Aboriginal cultural heritage values are integrated into policy, plans, legislation and management practices

1.7 Natural resource management is integrated into land use planning

WA Landcare awards Kate et. al. 2013

State Landcare Awards are a mechanism to highlight transformational leadership.