About the Strategy

About the Strategy

The Swan Region Strategy for Natural Resource Management (‘the Strategy’) provides an integrated planning framework for the management of the Swan Region’s natural resources. As a whole-of-region, multi-stakeholder Strategy, this document is built on the foundation of partnerships and collaboration and acknowledges that everyone that lives or works in the Region is an environmental custodian.

The Strategy is the culmination of a region wide consultation process which has drawn upon the knowledge, experience and insights of experts in government, community, industry and research institutions to identify priorities for the Region. Perth NRM has facilitated the development of the Strategy as part of its core role as a regional NRM body. Responsibility for the management of the Region’s natural resources rests not only with government and natural resource management custodians, but with the entire community. As a consequence, the Strategy seeks to engage all relevant stakeholders in the management of the Region’s natural resources.

Through our decisions and actions, everyone has a part to play in the protection and management of our natural heritage and the sustainability of our way of life. The challenges of managing natural assets in a major metropolitan centre means that collective commitment is needed to ensure future generations are able to enjoy and access the natural capital that sustains us today. The Strategy acknowledges that Perth’s economic prosperity and way of life has been built on its natural resources, from our clean air and water through to our agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Our natural landscapes, seascapes and waterways not only provide important cultural, recreational and spiritual opportunities but also form part of our unique identity. There will be significant costs to the economy and our health and wellbeing if these assets are allowed to degrade. To ensure future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our natural environment, a collaborative plan of action is needed.

Water focus group

A series of workshops such as the Water Focus Group were often forums of informative discussion.